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Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo now 2*!!!
Melbourne Fund Raiser HT 2nd
Avenel HT 9th
Lynton Goulburn HT 21st


Tania is sitting 8th on the Horse Magazine Eventing Leader Board for December.



2017 Another year has gone and no report! Facebook has sort or taken over and I have been out of practise writing up a report of what has been happening

2016 Almost a year has passed so here is a brief overview. Comps are much the same with a bit of variation as far as results go and not so many this year.

Tania may have retired from school teaching but a lot of her free time has been spent coaching riders and the has been wonderful to see these people going ahead in their choosen fields and the plan to work young horses is still on the "to do list", although some did get work in the early part of the year. Then it started to rain. And rain. And rain! Paddocks were off limit as they were mush, the new "hay" shed base hadn't settled and it was just cold and wet! Comps were cancelled or postponed and postponed again for safety

No crop was sown for hay this year. It seemed to be too wet to put it in or I was away on the days I could get on the paddocks. I have cut 15acs and waiting for the baler. No where near the quality of last year.

Tania has joined Pam Kennedy in weekly leassons with coach, Jodie Dunstan and both have improved out of sight. Yorkshire, is chiefly used for lessons, but occassionally Yabba Dabba Doo and Easy Jet have been allowed some tutoring.

On a not so cheerful note, we lost Eagle Rock to colic in July. We did surgery at GVH on him and 8 weeks later he relapsed. Chatter had a heart turn and just went downhill in June. Both are sadly missed in their own right. Eagle Rock for his talent (he was very inspiring) and Chatter for his personality and snake catching ability, especially now, as one had taken up residence in the stable area! Jirrima Onyx and Aloha Judea have also gone to 'horse heaven'. They were both 24yos.

Quite a few late nights were spent watching the Olympics. We enjoy most sports, mainly individual ones and especially equestrian. The show jumping finals were on the night before the BDSJC comp so that was an almost sleepless night followed by a full day. Well worth it.

Jirrima Easy Jet Jirrima Candyman Jirrima Friendly Affair  
Jirrima Yorkshire Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo    

A tribute in photos to Jirrima Eagle Rock. Sire Jirrima Unbelievable (Arundel House Zermat x Detour Lass xx) Dam Jirrima Zuri (HP Lonzo x County Fair ISH)

Jirrima Eagle Rock      
Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo, CCI 2* Jirrima Eagle Rock Jirrima Eagle Rock Jirrima Eagle Rock

2015 Last update

Highlight. Our last competition was Lynton Goulburn HT and Tania is sitting 8th on the Eventing Leader Board in The Horse Magazine. Well done Tania, Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo!! Adelaide International HT results have not been incluced in the scores for December. They are still to come.

It is official!!!! Tania has resigned from Scots School. No concrete plans have been made for the future but she is looking forward to a happy stress free future.

The horses have had a wonderful holiday and that is about to come to an end. School holidays have arrived and young horses are back in work. Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo still have a couple of weeks out.


I sowed oats in the beginning of the year with the outlook for hay for the next year. Beautiful stand of oats was cut and just before baling we had 70mm of rain and that put paid to top quality hay. It lay on the ground for ages before it could be baled. Now discoloured and lower food value, but Ice and Belcam Coalac are doing well on the sample rolls. No big squares and all big rolls. The rain was also too late by about 2 weeks to be any great use to the wheat and barley crops although harvest seems to be good results around the area. Will know how it all pans out in a week or so when the headers go through. There are nice rows of oaten hay in various lanes. 140 bales. Also the new shed is gradually getting shredded rubber over the surface. About half done now.

Gerogery Adult Riding held their final rally for 2015 at St Paul's College. Tania gave some jumping lessons and all riders taking part must have been happy as no complaints have come back. Arrived home to be greeted by one very proud cat, Chatter. He had the back half of a snake he had killed for lunch. So proud!! Monday I had walked up to the house after helping put a new submersible pump down the bore and here was Chatter under the Navara growling over his new catch. Another 5 foot brown snake. They say all things come in 3s. Wednesday Mary Triggs, a well know Arabian breeder was here for lunch and I noticed Blu acting strangely. Yep. Number 3 brown. I gave Mary a shovel and instructions to watch it, while I went for a 2nd shovel with a square mouth. Almost back to the front of the house when I heard a noise. Mary had relocated the intruder!! 3 snakes in 6 days at the house.

There are some bright sides to having a Birthday. There was a final HT event at Werribee after Goulburn and Tania was making noises about helping. I thought I would stay home. On the Thursday she let the cat out of the bag. We were both going to Melbourne. She had booked tickets to The Lion King for my Birthday! Went down Saturday morning to Melbourne Zoo and loved it. Yep, big kids!! Then to the Art Gallery where there was a feature on The Horse. Some wonderful paintings and a few old favourits. I went to get the feature book and it was sold out. Next, off to find our accomadation in South Yarra. There was a car park and train station with in a block of the Claremont Hotel. Perfect.

The Lion King was amazing. Singing, acting, costumes and props. Fabulous. That is one Birthday I will not forget in a hurry. Caught the train back to South Yarra for the night.

After breakfast we decided to see the Melbourne Aquarium. Once again caught the train into the city and spent a very enjoyable morning checking out amazing coloured fish, sharks. crocs and coral. Then it was onto another job. Tania had bought some lovely pots on line and they had to be collected from Pakenham. They are lovely and Tania bought another 2 while there! At present 2 have found a home outside her door with Yukkas in them. Impressive.

Lynton Goluburn HT

Our final event for the year. Dressage for CCI 3* was on Friday which meant a long weekend away. Jirrima Yorkshire was doing the CCI 3* and did a very good test till near the end when he thought the rider asked for an unreasonable move, then he proceeded to tell her just how unfair she was. Hence the score reflected his displeasure, finishing 7th after dressage. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo did the CIC 2* and his dressage test was good although finishing 17th. There was 8 penalties from 1st to 25th.

XC was big, but inviting and a long way for CCI 3*. Lots of going up and down the hills. Jirrima Yorkshire jumped clear, but although he looked good on course, Tania didn't push him and they came home with 20 time penalities. Actually no one made time in that class. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo did a clear round show jumping that day. Again fitness played a big part in XC and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo came home with 22 time faults but clear jumping.

Jess Grossman did a lovely dressgae test with Jirrima Eureka coming 3rd and although a rail in the show jumping they held 3rd place. All Jirrima Eureka's success goes to Jess's brilliant training. We are so sorry to hear Bust a Move (Jirrima Vintage Jet x Sack xx) was put down this week. He was doing 2* and Jess had plans for going 3* with him. He was a talented horse with the right rider.

Final results were Jirrima Yorkshire, 3rd in CCI3* and he is now qualified for 4* and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo, 21st. (time faults the problem). Very pleased with both horses.

Jirrima Yorkshire, CCI 3* 3rd Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo, CIC 2* 21st Jirrima Eureka & Jess Grossman, 95cm 3rd


Albury Dressage

Jirrima Yorkshire was the star coming 2nd in both tests and Reserve Medium Champion Dressage Horse. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo put in two good tests but was outdone and finished with a 4th and 7th.(Medium) The day was a good practise run for Lynton HT. No pictures as I was at a Clearing Sale and only brought home a bedside table spending a whole $10. I did get to watch some dressage later in the day. There are some very nice horses competing.

Culcairn & Walbundrie Shows

These are our two local shows and we design and built the show jumping courses the day before the show then Tania marshals riders all day and I set each course. We also had the pleasure of hosting the jump judge for the weekend. Then dinner at Gerogery Hotel Saturday night with friends. All good fun. There was a good roll up of jumping competitors in the lower classes both weekends that tailed off as normal for the higher classes. Tania took Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo for the 1.10m and 1.20m classes at Culcairn and they were 1st and 2nd in both classes. Jirrima Yorkshire won the 1.10m and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo won the 1.20. All our horses stayed home for the Walbundrie Show but that was busy anyway for us and the camera never left it's case for either show..

Avenel HT

Drawing a reasonably early dressage draw meant travelling down Friday afternoon and glad we did when looking for parking. We are getting good at setting up camp and only forgot the fuel for the generator so easily fixed - torch lights required.

Both horses were going 2* and did good dressage tests but Jirrima Yorkshire finished 3 penalties ahead of Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo. This was not looking good to me, as the looser buys dinner. That is our grudge match. On the real board Jirrima Yorkshire was 3rd and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 6th. Jirrima Anchorman was sitting 8th. That was all we had for Saturday apart from walking the XC course and Skip walked that about 3 times as some of the distances were a bit tricky.

Jirrima Candyman was having his first eventing start with his lovely new rider Alyce. Skip gave a helping hand warming up for the dressage and show jumping. Alyce did a great test and finished 10th on the score board that day. Only XC to go next day.

Jirrima Candyman was the first starter for our group and went well till the water and he dilly dallied earning 20 penalties. We were not over concerned about that till Jirrima Yorkshire, a bold horse, hesitated slightly at the water and as did most of the field covering all classes. By the time Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo's XC turn came I am sure word had got back to the camping area via the horses mouth, as he was not keen to approach the water from well back. Skip was well prepared and they went through reluctantly without penalties. All our horses did the rest of the course well.

The last phase for me and it was looking grim. Jirrima Yorkshire had gone clear on time XC and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo had 5.6 time penalties. Just to prove a point, Jirrima Yorkshire jumped a copy book clear round. The pressure got to Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo and he had 2 rails down. I was up for Dinner! Jirrima Anchorman finished with 1 rail down and that put him in 6th place overall. Fantastic effort to Hannah and Jirrima Anchorman

Final 2* results with the Jirrima horses were Jirrima Yorkshire 2nd, Jirrima Anchorman 6th, Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 9th and in Intro Jirrima Candyman 14th even with his 20 penalties. Well done everyone.

A big thank you to the committee and volunteers at Avenel. The event is a credit to you and thank you for all your tireless work. Never forgetting our wonderful sponsors Pryde's Feeds, Southern Stars Saddlery and the latest Border Bandag Tyres.

Jirrima Yorkshire 2* 2nd Jirrima Anchorman & Hannah 2* 6th Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 2* 9th Jirrima Candyman & Alyce Intro 14th

Henty Machinery Field Days

The Henty Machinery Field day is a must on everyones calendar. A great way to go shopping for nearly anything. Big machinery down to knick knacks. Sheds, tape measurers, workshop sundries, hats, tanks, etc were again on the list along with the Alpaca stand. I had bought an alpaca rug there last year and went back again and came away with the loveliest jacket. Winter will not be a problem! A new hat was also added to the wardrobe. A hat for the days when it requires one, that is not for the Melbourne Cup or working in the paddock! It is also a great way to catch up with friends for lunch if you have time. The lady doing the chainsaw art is amazing. Dandaloo has changed from breeding Arabians to breeding White Australian Sheep. Missed the working sheep dogs too. That is only a few of what is on offer! There were still items on my list that I missed seeing so maybe will find time next year.

Eventing Squad

Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo were lined up for more coaching. Thank you to Viv and Will Enzinger for the time they spend helping riders with their dressage. Both are a font of information. Jirrima Yorkshire had a jumping lesson with Jamie Coman and the continued coaching is really paying off. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo took his place the next day and he was not amused at the exercises! He did do them but not as well as Jirrima Yorkshire. He also had a great time on the XC with Emily Anker who is a great instructor.

Well worth the time and effort to travel to Werribee and thank you to Janet who organises all the squad times

Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo with Jamie Coman Sorry Jirrima Yorkshire no photos Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo with Emily Anker


Wagga dressage

How civilize was this event. Only entered one day and both horses in the same tests. They stepped up to medium level as it had most of the required movements for eventing plus a few extras. Oh well good experience. Both horses held their own and came home with rossettes. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 2 x 4th and Jirrima Yorkshire 1 x 3rd and 1 x 6th. Still trying to workout who should have bought Dinner.

Jirrima Yorkshire Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo

Melbourne Fund Raiser HT

Wow how nice was it to travel to a competition arriving in daylight. We left early Saturday morning as the 2* began after lunch. After a false start, Skip had left her wallet behind and we needed fuel - her shout!!. Luckily we decided to go via Albury and not Chiltern. Passing Glenrowan, the fuel station is having major repairs done and closed.

Both horses were going 2* Jirrima Yorkshire as that was the highest class and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo was having his first 2* start. Also stepping up a grade to 2* was Jirrima Anchorman and Hannah Ramage. Jirrima Yorkshire was first cab off the rank and was doing a very nice test till he got smart and showed off his flying changes when not asked. Hmmm............costly!! Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo did a lovely test putting him in 2nd place. Jirrima Yorkshire was 4th. Bets were on for Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo. Forget about the rest of the class!!

Showjumping was indoors at night. Jirrima Yorkshire went clear, then Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo was sabotaged and had a rail down, also 4 time penalties. Jirrima Anchorman had 3 rails but jumped well. That changed the placings. Jirrima Yorkshire was now in the lead ahead of Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo. It all rested on XC next day.

All Jirrima horses jumped extremely well and Jirrima Yorkshire was first to go Clear and a few time faults. A very quick change over and it was Yabba Dabba Doo's turn. Again clear and .08 time faults. Jirrima Anchorman as also clear and he was also clear on time.

The final score board read. 1st Amanda Ross 56.30 Penalties, 2nd Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 59.90 Penalties 3rd Jirrima Yorkshire 60.10 Penalties and 5th Jirrima Anchorman 77 Penalties. As you can imagine some very happy riders and I won chocolates and dinner!!!!

2* Results 1st Amanda Ross then as follows:

2nd Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 3rd Jirrima Yorkshire 5th Jirrima Anchorman & Hannah Ramage


Euroa SJ~Cancelled

We were set to go on Friday afternoon, after work, but Jirrima Yorkshire pulled a shoe so it was a visit to the farrier. Change of plans this one leaving early Saturday morning as Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo was 50th in the draw and we reckoned we could be there in time to walk the course. Later that day we got a message the event had been cancelled owing to the wet conditions. Well that changed plans yet again. Collect Saturday's paper, coffee in the sun, gardening, work horses and practice some dressage and feed up for the day. What a change of pace!!

Tatura SJ

We decided on only one day at Tatura but filled in Saturday with the farrier and Jirrima Candyman went to his mew home. A very sad day for all at Jirrima. It is strange having his paddock vacant and the feed round is certainly quieter.

Sunday was an early start and arrived in plenty of time for the 2nd class of the day. Both Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo were in the 1.20 and both had clear rounds only Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo had 1 time fault. Tania had a crack at the jump off but paid the penalty of a rail down. Jirrima Yorkshire also went in the Mini Prix, made the jump off and again the rider caused a rail to fall in all the excitement. Needless to say, very proud of both horses.

Thank you also to Graham and Tracey for taking the time to discuss different types of course designing ideas. Really enjoyed being of assistance between strapping duties.

A really nice way to finish the day was a message from Jirrima Candyman's new rider, that they had been riding for the day and all went well and both are happy.

Jirrima Yorkshire ~ Mini Prix Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo ~ 1.20m


BDSJC Spring Show

Two great days of show jumping and horses made the jump offs in most classes only to be out done by the pros. Jirrima Candyman had the 1.05 and 1.10 classes, Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1.15 and 1.20 classes and Jirrima Yorkshire 1.20 and the Mini Prix. All good fun. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo was the only one to bring home a prize but the others jumped extra well.

A big thank you to Jamie Coman who is Tania's coach at Squad, for helping in the warm up area. It was inspiring to watch both Jamie and Sue Coman competing and showing how it can be done.

Jirrima Candyman ~ 1.10 Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo ~ 1.20 Jirrima Yorkshire ~ Mini Prix Coach ~ Jamie Coman Coach ~ Sue Coman


REA Show Jumping

Well organized start for the day. Left home at specific time and arrived with plenty of time to walk the course and saddle up only to be informed they were starting at 8.30am and not 9am! That put a spanner in the works for quite a few riders who arrived a little be after us. Oh well when eventing it is not always possible to walk the show jumping course.

Jirrima Candyman was quickly saddled and off the to 1st class. 1.05m, Clear and a good time. He won the class and what a way to start the day. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo was in the 1.15m and came out with 3rd followed by Jirrima Yorkshire who won the 1.25m. Good practice and under lights Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo drew the short straw for the Dress up Derby. It was a timed event with both show jumps and cross country fences. As Gra'den Stones and Elestandra were following Tania set a cracking pace. Unfortunately El had a few rails down and that took the pressure off the know speedsters. The pair won by 20secs to the next place getter.

Hmmm.....the competitors who packed up and went home Saturday night were wise. 30mm of rain fell overnight and that made moving impossible from where we had parked. The wonderful committee arranged for a big John Deere tractor to be available to pull the trucks out at 2pm. A big thank you to all.

Jirrima Yorkshire did his first Mini Prix and finished the course with a few rails but a good effort. Both he and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo were in the 1.25 at the end of the day and Jirrima Yorkshire finished 3rd. Only 3 clear rounds and he was unlucky to have the last fence down but that is show jumping.

A big thank you to all the committee on a job well done.

Added to the weekend, 2 horses by Jirrima Vintage Jet were at Harden HT. Jirrima Eureka and Jess Grossman finished 9th Prelim and Monique Bakulic and Nibbles retired before the show jumping in the 105 course owing to the wet conditions. Well done to both riders and horses.

Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo Jirrima Yorkshire Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo~Derby Our tracks leaving the camping spot and that was being towed.............Wet!


July Eventing Squad

Squad was fantastic as usual and the horses were on their best behavior. We were spoilt with a late start on Saturday, allowing us to leave early Saturday morning. Jirrima Yorkshire had 2 dressage lessons with Charlott Pedersen and he is really showing how much talent he has. A showjumping lesson with Paul Williams and looking pretty impressive on the day. Jirrima Candyman was the star out on XC and not to be left out Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo took over the second showjumping lesson with Paul and was no disgrace. Below is a pictorial of the weekend.

A big thank you to all coaches, Janet Houghton and Colleen Ray for their organization and Katie for taking the time to promote the Squad Sponsors Equisage and Prydes Easifeed. Tania also tried the new Southern Stars polo. Very impressive.

Supervisor Assistant supervisor XC fish out of water. Check the wheelie bin for size XC group finishing up with Emily


This episode has been a long time coming but so much has happened..............

Melbourne 3 Day Event 2015

Although it is only 5 weeks since Melbourne International 3 Day Event it seems like months ago. So much has happened. For Melbourne, although the scoreboard was not overly impressive, we were over the moon with Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo. We arrived Wednesday and both horses passed the initial vet inspection, were then shown their quarters, feed and watered, given a final cuddle for the night and left very comfortable. In the meantime we set up camp for the week and settled for a well earned rest. Next morning Tania was approached asking if these were her horses. Apparently they had escaped overnight and had a ball galloping around the camping area and then when they had finished went back to their stabling block where they were put back in their boxes non the worst for their escapade. We didn't hear a sound. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo had undone the stable latches (no mean effort) and opened the doors.

Jirrima Yorkshire and Tania had a lesson with Charlott Pedersen then it was primping and preening for the dreaded Trot up and Vet inspection. It had been overcast all morning but as the Trot up began so did the rain. Not heavy but enough for most of the riders to put away the glamorous outfits they had planned to wear. Both horses passed with flying colours.

To both Jirrima Yorkshire's and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo's delight Kathy Oates paid them a visit and after much ooohing and aaahing a lot of tight muscles and kinks were removed and then they were ready to tackle any dressage test. They strutted their tests like pros although the marks were not rewarded, as far as I was concerned, a biased owner. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo was sitting 18th and Jirrima Yorkshire, 10th. XC day dawned cool, windy but sunny. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo came home with no jumping faults and clear on time, setting the bench mark for Jirrima Yorkshire. After setting off at a cracking pace, all was going to plan till the dreaded double of roll tops on top of the bank. Jirrima Yorkshire was not amused at this question, braked quickly and equally quickly Tania took the alternative fences but 20 penalties had been incurred. That was his only error and jumped the rest of the course like the champion he is. Plus a few time penalties were added to his round. Final trot up and both horses were through to the showjumping. A mirror of faults as both horses had 2 rails each and Tania came back and reckoning she had one and the horses had one each making them all equal. Final result. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo dropped to 25th and Jirrima Yorkshire finished 13th. There were two other horses with Jirrima connections. Jirrima Anchorman, owned and ridden by Hannah Ramage, were going great guns till the showjumping and 4 rails proved costly dropping them from 26th to 47th. WS Bust A Move 2* and Jess Grossman looked a picture and finished on their dressage score, a creditable 14th. Both these horses are by Jirrima Vintage Jet out of TB mares. A great effort to all.

A big thank you to Charlott Pedersen and Jamie Coman for their coaching in the warm up for the dressage and show jumping. The strappers for the weekend were awesome, Wendy, super strapper, and Gabbie, who also doubled as a photographer. Also to the cool down team who came to help at the finish, Jenny, Hayley, Pam and Nikki. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo was the guinea pig, with water going on strappers as well as the horse but on the second time around we had it down pat.

Finally but not to be overlooked thank you to our Sponsors, Southern Stars Saddlery and Prydes Easifeed. A funny episode was Peter Pryde followed us into Werribee Equestrian and noted the signs on the truck. The comment in the car was the signs looked tired. The truck now has new signs thanks to Sharon Pryde, and after speaking with Peter and Jess (rep) we are adding Easifeed 200 to our regular order of Prydes Bio Mare Cubes and Prydes EasiResult. The horses have never looked so good in their Southern Stars gear especially the eventing saddles for XC.

Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1* 25th Jirrima Yorkshire 3* 13th

Above Jirrima Anchorman 1* 47th
Below WS Bust A Move 2* 14th
Both by Jirrima Vintage Jet

New Project

We arrived home late Monday night and made it to bed around midnight but it was a short night as the new hay/machinery shed was being erected on Tuesday morning (I did say to the builder after the long weekend) 6am start as the Erectors were arriving at 7am. From then on it was all timetabled. 7.30am the bobcat arrived to put down the footings, 10am first delivery of the shed kit arrived and Stacky and his tractor to unload. 11.30 Council inspection, followed by Concrete truck for the footings. About 3-pm it was tractor required to put the frame and posts in place and that was day one. The shed was erected in 5 days and it is terrific. Strangely it measures 60m x 20m x 5.4m. Would highly recommend PJN Sheds at Walla for a top quality shed. Also very competitive with price.


An unexpected phone call at 6.30am Wednesday with the news Auntie Kath had passed away. We were her only close family, aunt to Tania and sister in law to me. It was very unexpected as I had been visiting her twice a week and had seen her the Tuesday before leaving for Melbourne 3DE and she was her usual self, bright and walking around. We confirmed that I would be away for a week and on returning I would be taking her into Albury for Xrays on Thursday. Kath was a good rider, competing in sporting events and polocrosse, a keen golfer and lawn bowler with many trophies for her achievements. Added to her sporting interests, she collected a variety of things be it salt and pepper shakers, teaspoons, matchboxes, horse bird and cat ornaments but her major collection was stamps especially horse stamps. She was a larger than life character and is sadly missed. Her bird, an aged galah refuses to speak to me but is quite happy to bite my shoes, trouser leg or anything else he can. I am sure it is his way and requesting Kath come and save him. Kath had a good innings and was 93, active till the end.

It made the first few weeks of the month very busy as all this happened between the 3rd and 16th June.

REA Show Jumping

As winter sets in early mornings require some enthusiasm to start so show jumping at Wagga seemed a nice option as the horses were in the later classes. So civilized. Arrived at 10am and went to see where they were up to. The committee started late too so plenty of time.

Jirrima Candyman and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo were both in the 1m and 1.10 classes and Jirrima Yorkshire only in the 1.10 as that was the last class. All jumped well with Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo coming 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 1.10. The classes were all one rounders.

Owing to a late start, the other end was also late. In my wisdom we fueled up at the Shell in Henty, only to have the pump run dry. By the time all that was sorted it was extra late by the time we put the horses away and chilled out ourselves.

The CSU amenities are fantastic, A big thank you to the committee for all their hard work and, making it an enjoyable day. A big congratulations to all involved on a great event.

Jirrima Candyman Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo Jirrima Yorkshire

Wagga Wagga HT

After a busy week it was back to competitions. All dressage was completed Saturday so it seemed an easy day and some time to be social. Lizzie had brought in her Belcam Coalac filly for the day and she is just like her dam only taller. Jirrima Candyman, 105, was the first cab off the rank. A good dressage test, considering his lack of work and at the end of the day he was leading, although only just. Jirrima Yorkshire really showed what a horse could do in collection although he got a bit smart and fluffed a couple of movements. Lovely test just the same sitting him in 2nd. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo relaxed and did a very good test putting him in the lead. Both these horses were in 1* with Jirrima Yorkshire carrying 10 penalties as he is graded 3*. Jirrima Fox Z strutted his stuff and finished mid field. That afternoon it was off to the XC area to set up camp and Skip to walk the XC. I was left as camp supervisor as I had flagged the course earlier in the week. (Supervisor meant feeding, watering, taping and securing horse yards, setting up kitchen, etc)

Sunday morning was very busy with Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo going XC first up then a quick change for Jirrima Candyman's XC. Just when we thought there was a break we discovered Jirrima Fox Z was needed in the show jumping. He set the standard with a clear round. The forecast rain began and that meant studs for the 1* and 105 horses. In the break at 11am I did manage to snag one of Elaine's wonderful egg and bacon rolls. That was my brekky I had been looking forward to since Saturday afternoon!! Jirrima Fox Z, was unlucky to have his XC during the rain and found the going a bit slippery. He came home clear but with time penalties. Still a good effort.

Jirrima Candyman did a clear round show jumping and finished on his dressage score. Jirrima Yorkshire got smart in the show jumping, telling Tania he knew what he was doing. She deflated his ego by stopping him mid course and asking him to back up! Then, they continued, much more harmoniously. That move did incur penalties, plus a careless rail.

Just before the rain started we decided to pack up the yards and we have never had so many helpers. See, it pays to lend equipment occasionally!! (Long boots, jumping boots, request number holder, rake, watch, and all returned in perfect condition!!) Just the same a big thank you to all.

A big thank you to all the Committee, Volunteers, Caters, Course Builders and everyone else involved in making the Horse Trials such a success. The REA Wagga Horse Trials, this year, was special as it was celebrating the 40th Anniversary! A good weekend even though the weather was less then ideal and loved the program cover. Pictures of Hunter Doughty, 35 years apart!!. 

Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1* 1st Jirrima Yorkshire 1* 5th Jirrima Fox Z 80cm 16th The Spoils, Woollen rugs.Jirrima Candyman 105 1st


Ken Gibbs Memorial Show Jumping

Saturday was cold and wet so a good day to stay home. Actually we had a sort of flexie day and I went visiting friends leaving Skip to her own devices.

An early start for Sunday however, as Jirrima Candyman was in the first class, first horse on course and course walk 7.30am! Owing to the wet day Saturday, the warm up area was very cut up, so only a couple of practise fences before hitting the course, and that went for all our horses. Jirrima Fox Z and Jirrima Candyman both had rails in the 95cm, and that seemed to set the tone of the day. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo did have a clear round in the 1.05m, but the jockey only took him around the major part of the course. She missed a line of 3 fences but did go through the finish flags! Skip had already been around the course on Jirrima Candyman! Jirrima Anchorman and Hannah made the jump off in that class. Jirrima Yorkshire finished the day jumping around the 1.30m. Although we took 4 horses it was such a relaxed day compared to eventing and we both had time to pick up rails in other classes.

We were very happy with all horses and they did well in their classes but no placings. Jirrima Fox Z 85cm (clear) 95cm (2 rails), Jirrima Candyman 95cm & 1.05(couple of rails), Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1.05 (shortened course) 1.15m (rail), Jirrima Yorkshire 1.15 & 1.30 (rail). It was lovely to see Jirrima Anchorman and Jirrima Xpert, who were also competing in various classes.

Jirrima Anchorman Jirrima Candyman Jirrima Fox Z Jirrima Xpert

Thank you to our Sponsors

Prydes EasiFeed & Southern Stars Saddlery

Also thank you to BDSJC committee and volunteers for making it a wonderful weekend

Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo Jirrima Yorkshire Thank you Northern Henrietta

Special gift

A beautiful article and photos of Tania were created by Jodie O'Sullivan and John Russell (photographer) and published in the Border Mail when we were at Camden. It was beautifully written and seemed about someone else, as we don't consider ourselves that special. Jacqui Melbourne, who had done a portrait of Jirrima Yorkshire for Tania's birthday, was the instigator of the idea that turned into a 3 page article.

Quote from Jacqui Melbourne "The portrait was a gift for you and your mum, just because you both are precious, hard working and well deserving. I retired with the view to paint and gift to people who like and deserve my pieces... Describe you both to a t.... Keep striving for your goals.... I'm enjoying speculating. Xx" Thank you Jacqui, it is fantastic and sits above the TV so we can admire it all the time.

Photo credits: John Russell, Border Mail. Story: Jodie O'Sullivan. Painting: Jacqui Melbourne

Equestriad HT(Camden)

Home. Admittedly late(3.30am after a detour) from Camden HT. If Albury HT was dry then Camden was the opposite and a big congrats to the XC crew for keeping the course as rideable as possible. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo is definitely a non mud runner but after arming him with the biggest studs I could, he managed to stay upright down the hill. Finishing 5th in the 1*. Jirrima Fox Z had his 2nd HT and was a gem. Finished mid field after being out classed/educated in the dressage. While Jirrima Yorkshire was fantastic however had jockey trouble on XC. Jess had another successful ride on Jirrima Eureka finishing 4th in Intro. Such a credit to her.

If you haven't been to Camden then put it on your list. The big screens make it a spectators delight to watch the XC. Big thanks to Belinda Douglass for all your help this weekend. Was great to catch up.

Jirrima Fox Z Intro Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1* Jirrima Yorkshire 2* Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1*
Jirrima Fox Z Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1* Jirrima Yorkshire 2* Jirrima Eureka Intro ~ Jess Grossman

All photo Credits Belinda Douglass

Camden Show

Camden show is one of Belinda's regular events and of course Jirrima Cruise Control gets all the spit and polish required for a hack. This year he was Reserve Champion local Hack. On that day he won his height class and lady hack class as well. Congratulations.

Jirrima Cruise Control
Belinda, also takes care of us, meals and parking, on any visit to Sydney as well as being a strapper, organizer, etc

Albury International HT

A local event for us. But that meant working bees and I was given a paint brush and a tin of paint then shown which jumps. All good. Sylvia Roberts was easy to work with and Angela Ramsay donned another of her many hats and gave the workers lunch each day. Jacqui Melbourne was responsible for the 'blue wave' portables and the 'duck' heads at the water jump. Your talents were appreciated.

As it was Easter, the event was run over 3 days. Dressage, Good Friday, and all horses did very good tests. Jirrima Candyman, 105 1st, Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo, 1* 21st, Jirrima Yorkshire 3* 5th. Hannah Ramage and Jirrima Anchorman 1* 34th and Jess Grossman who now owns Jirrima Eureka were 6th in the Intro. Jirrima Candyman's show jumping was 1st up Saturday morning and he did a clear round. That put some pressure on for XC. He and Tania flew around, clear with 4 time penalties but that was good enough to win the class. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo and Jirrima Anchorman didn't waste time with clear jumping rounds and Jirrima Anchorman just 0.4 time penalties. Jirrima Yorkshire had a glance off a big upright apex early in the 3* course then time penalties dropping them back to 8th. Jirrima Eureka was clear in his XC and had a rail in the showjumping. He finished a very creditable 3rd. Jess picked him up as very green and had been spelling for 6 months, in December, and has had him in work for 3 months. What an achievement.

We had to wait till Sunday for the showjumping for the FEI classes. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo went clear, Jirrima Anchorman had a rail and Jirrima Yorkshire did the same. Regardless we were very happy with the final results. Jirrima Eureka Intro 3rd, Jirrima Candyman 105 1st, Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1* 3rd (from 21) Jirrima Anchorman 1* 7th (from 34) and Jirrima Yorkshire 3* 8th.

Big thank you to EVERYBODY who volunteered in some way. Thank You for giving up your Easter to help at our local event. Congratulations to all on the committee for their tireless efforts and dedication to putting on such a prestigious event. Finally, Thanks to Michelle from Southern Stars Saddlery who checked each of the horse's Southern Stars Event saddle and tack to ensure the best fit possible. Your support is greatly appreciated. Finally thank you to our other sponsor, Prydes Easifeed for the best feed available.

Jirrima Anchorman 1* 7th Jirrima Candyman 105 1st Jirrima Candyman Jirrima Eureka Intro 3rd ~ Jess Grossman
Jirrima Yorkshire 3* 8th Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo jumping my artwork Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1* 3rd Jirrima Eureka

Jirrima Yorkshire

Jirrima Yorkshire over Jacqui's masterpiece Jirrima Yorkshire Jirrima Anchorman ~ Hannah Ramage with Angela Ramsay (Pres)


Wandin HT

I am going to looking for a Time Management Course at TAFE/Uni. Yes I was late again meeting Tania! Went well till the last hour, then, that just disappeared into nowhere. Arrived at Wandin just on dark and set up camp before pitch dark! The next day was a bit more full on than at Tonimbuk. Tania plaited Jirrima Candyman, who was being piloted by a lovely Japanese rider from Will Enzinger's team then it was on the production line. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1*, Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox 80cm, then Jirrima Yorkshire 3*.

Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox had all phases on Saturday and he did really well for his first HT. His dressage was a bit scratchy as Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox reckons that phase is not required leaving him sitting 13th. A clear round show jumping and cross country (with min time penalties) had him finishing a very creditable 6th. That seemed to be a favorite placing for the weekend as Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo was 6th after Dressage, the same as Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Candyman. Hannah Ramage with Jirrima Anchorman was 19th after dressage but a clear round Cross Country and only one rail Show jumping had them climbing the ladder to finish at 7th place. The final results were mixed. Jirrima Yorkshire retired XC as his rider was having a blonde session, Jirrima Candyman's rider went passed a xc fence causing Elimination, Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox was officially 6th, (the rosettes were handed out before placings were official so he came home with a 7th rosette-very pretty though) Jirrima Anchorman finished 7th 1* and the star was Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 2nd 1*. He won a bag of much needed Pyrde's EasiResult.

A big thank you to the Wandin committee, all sponsors and of course volunteers. All of which make such a wonderful event. A bit of trivia. We have been competing at Wandin HT since 1986, although we have missed a few over the years, when we had no suitable horses to compete.

Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo Jirrima Yorkshire Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox Jirrima Anchorman and Hannah Ramage


Tonimbuk HT

What a lovely start to a Saturday, sleep in, feed horses, walk cross country course, then start plaiting and getting horses ready for the afternoon's dressage. That is when we had to be on the ball. Jirrima Candyman was first off and did a nice test without being brilliant, followed by Jirrima Yorkshire, who forgot his wonderful movement from the previous week, but did a pleasant test. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo had a very short warm up as he was soon after Jirrima Yorkshire and strutted his stuff. All on the score board and Jirrima Candyman, 105cm 8th, Jirrima Yorkshire 3* 2nd and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1* 2nd. Jirrima Yorkshire dropped a rail in the showjumping that night and moved into 1st as the leader had retired.

Sunday was a bit more upbeat with 2 rounds of show jumping and 3 XC rounds. Both Jirrima Candyman and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo had 1 rail and 2 rails respectively showjumping and it moved them down the score board. Then it was the main attraction. XC. Jirrima Yorkshire did an awesome round and just over time, pulled up well and looked good. Tania had just won her 1st 3* event!! Not to stand around celebrating, it was on to the next horse. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo, who thought the last climb was an over kill on rises giving him 'jelly legs' at the top. He finished clear jumping with minimal time penalties. Jirrima Candyman was unimpressed with the ditch and bank having a major lack of power. Jumped it on the 2nd attempt but it left him well down the order.

Hannah Ramage did a very good dressage test on Jirrima Anchorman, 2 rails in the show jumping but a top xc round bringing them well up the score board.

Final results. Jirrima Yorkshire 3* ~ 1st, Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1* ~ 3rd, Jirrima Anchorman 1* ~ 5th and tail ender Jirrima Candyman 105 ~ 27th.

It was a very well run event and a credit to the committee. The arenas, grounds and XC looked so good. Even the local kangaroos could not believe the change to their feeding grounds. Congratulations and looking forward to next year.

Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1* Jirrima Yorkshire 3* Winner Jirrima Candyman 105EA  

Jirrima Yorkshire Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo
Photo credits Deryk O Leary


Eventing Squad at Boneo Equestrian Centre

Owing to work commitments we left Albury late and took the advice of the GPS to get us to Boneo Equestrian Centre in the dark. Tania had also Googled the route and the shortest way was via Eastlink. By the time we hit Melbourne it was dark and reading instructions was a non event, plus the instructions and the GPS were the same, so we went with the Navigator. Well, it took us via the narrow roads, busy roads with excess cars, then on a scenic route which we couldn't see because of lack of light. After all that it only took us 5 1/2 hours from Albury. It was so much nicer homeward bound following freeways roads around Melbourne and still daylight till Benalla.

Jirrima Yorkshire had all the attention with lessons with Will Enzinger, Charlott Pederson (dressage) and Jamie Coman (showjumping). Jirrima Candyman scored a lesson with Adam Wootan as some one didn't arrive for their class. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo went for the ride and to give him some work. Blu and Maseratti looked after the truck. A big thank you to all instructors and especially to organisor, Janet Houghton for making it such fantastic weekend. Boneo Park is a wonderful facility. Arenas, indoors, stables, yards and meal area are all at your finger tips and just keeps getting better.


Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo training Jirrima Candyman with Adam Wootam Jirrima Yorkshire with Charlott Pederson Jirrima Yorkshire with Jamie Coman


HRCAV Show Jumping

The Albury Wodonga Club ran it's first HRCAV Show Jumping competition at the AWEC cow horse arena. Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox and Jirrima Eagle Rock are the 2 accessed horses for Adult riding and they are improving with the experience. A very good day of jumping was had by all, with good organization, great courses, friendly judge, happy helpers and at the end of the day great prizes. We both took tickets in the raffle hoping to win a portable hot water system! Congratulations to all involved on a great event.

Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox Jirrima Eagle Rock photo credit Jess Bertram Course Builder Virginia Armstrong Chief Organizer Wendy Kimpton


Jodie Dunstan Dressage Clinic

Getting back in the groove of working the 'serious' competition horses and requiring a tune up with dressage coach Jodie Dunstan. A big thank you to Chantelle Mathews for the use of her new indoor arena. The arena is great and the horses loved the environment and worked well



Wagga REA Show jumping

Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo missed out at Henty owing to the rain but they showed their talent next day at Wagga. The same team as Henty went on the truck with the added addition being Jirrima Easy Jet.

The youngsters entered the 75cm and 90cm and all showed massive improvement especially as there was lots of scary fills. A few rails fell but they took on everything they were faced at. In the 1m class Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo were 1st and 3rd respectably, followed by the 1.10m class and Jirrima Yorkshire was 1st. The committee added a 1.20 class and it was good practice for Skip and Jirrima Yorkshire who had a couple of rails down this time. A busy day with 6 horses averaging 2 rounds each = 12 jumping rounds.

The CSU amenities are fantastic, the committee making sure it ran like clock work, creating it a terrific day. People travelled from as far as Canberra to the north and Springhurst to the south for the day. A big congratulations to all involved on a well run event.

Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo in the 1.10m Jirrima Eagle Rock Jirrima Easy Jet Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox
Photos are by Lizzies Photography as the usual photographer was using the video camera for the day. Same went for Henty Show as photographer was Chief Steward (only one) in the HRCAV ring.


Henty Show

Henty Show has a well earned reputation for being a top show although with limited parking. We arrived before 8am and the grounds were 80% full then, the first classes not till 9am. We set about getting horses ready as I was stewarding for HRCAV, leaving Skip to juggle horses.

Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox was nominated as the HRCAV horse and Jirrima Eagle Rock, Jirrima Candyman, Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo were to do the show jumping. Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox was show jumping as well. Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox excelled himself in the HRCAV with placings in most events and Champion Mount Most Suitable plus carrying Champion rider. He was also runner up high point. Not bad for his first show.

On the jumping side Jirrima Eagle Rock got a 3rd in the 80cm, Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox missed the jump off as he was busy in another class and Jirrima Candyman had a rail in the 1m class.

A check on the radar and the decision was made to load up before it poured. There was also a mass exodus of floats by this time. Good call as it bucketed down and there was a good showing of 'wet T shirts' on the crew (us included) that packed up the showjumping. Tracey is a wiz driving the truck to pack up, keeping hauling the rails and wings minimal.

A big congratulations to the committee who organise and run this wonderful show.

Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox in his Southern Stars dressage saddle


Holidays are over ~ BDSJC Rally

A request by the members had been made for a rally before the show season started and it was well attended. Riders helped put up the course designed by Wendy Kimpton, starting height 45cm and increasing every hour and finally finished about 1.30 by the end of the day. Trot rails were also put out for the beginner horses.

Five horses went on the truck. Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox, Jirrima Eagle Rock, Jirrima Easy Jet, having their first "competition" day and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo and Jirrima Candyman having a jump around. Really pleased with all horses and made the work done previously well worth while. The youngsters started at 45cm and finished the day jumping nicely over 90cm, while Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo and Jirrima Candyman stopped at about 1.10 to 1.20m. It was good for the rider too!

At packup time there were lots of riders helping. That is really appreciated by the organisers. A big thank you to the organisers, course designer and ones who picked up rails, re built fences and adjusted heights. I am not naming anyone in case I miss some one.

Jirrima Easy Jet Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox Jirrima Eagle Rock Jirrima Eagle Rock warming up

Happy New Year


Tania has just finished long service leave and now it's back to work. It was spent mainly competing, a highlight being Adelaide International 3DE and then a self driver tour of NZ. It has been a shock to the system starting work away from home, but all will settle down soon. The competition horses are back in work and the youngsters are getting work intermittently now, as time does not permit otherwise. There is a list of competitions coming up, so will be back on track reporting results.

Here is a pictorial of Tania's Annual Leave and some of these young horses will be available for sale later down the track.!

Jirrima Yorkshire at Wagga Champion Dressage Jirrima For'n'Sixpence at Wodonga SJ Spectacular Jirrima Yorkshire at Adelaide International 3DE New Zealand swimming with dolphins
Working young horses ~ Jirrima Eagle Rock Jirrima Friendly Affair Jirrima Cougar Jirrima Fly Bys
Jirrima Easy Jet Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox Jirrima Harmony Jirrima Xpert & Sarah Berry
Playing with the camera ~ Blu Chatter Tessac Australia Day Visitor




A snap decision was made to go to Equitana as we had not been for a few years. It was also a way to collect a young filly that Ben Hall had broken in for us. Not much shopping was done by us, well not much anyway, but we did enjoy the entertainment of the Double Dans, followed by Russell Johnstone, Charlotte Dujardin and Judy Harvey

Shopping Charlotte Dujardin Jirrima Harmony 2nd ride at home


Adelaide International 3 Day Event

Tania and Jirrima Yorkshire achieved another goal. They completed Adelaide 2*. It was a different feeling to this year's Melbourne 3 DE where everything seemed to be on a wing and a prayer, from the first trot up through to the show jumping. This time Jirrima Yorkshire blitzed the initial trot up in fine style. His dressage test was a big improvement on Melbourne and that was a good test at the time! Charlotte Pedersen gave pointers in the warm up and thought his test was good. She has been working with the pair at Squad clinics and was very impressed with his improvement. That honour goes to Jodie Dunstan of Table Top who has been their coach. They were 9th after dressage in a tough field (when isn't it tough these days?).

Jirrima Yorkshire had the next day off and we walked the xc course, then Tania rode around the course again on the 'deadly treadly' (push bike). I was threatening to come down with a cold and as I was thought to be the only strapper, Tania took the bike and went shopping. She came back with medication plus for me and a fan for Jirrima Yorkshire as the day was very hot. He loved his fan and stood in the corner with his face catching the breeze. Next day it turned cool and Jirrima Yorkshire, no longer needing the fan and getting bored in the box, proceeded to dismantle it. Oh well it did serve it's purpose.

The XC is a beautiful well built course though the parks of Adelaide and as word had come back from other riders, time was hard to make, Tanis and Jirrima Yorkshire set off at a cracking pace, with Equestrain live cover giving them a lot of air time and I watched most of the round on the big screen till I had to scamper to the finished line. Well, they were the second fasted on course. What a change. Tania is known for time penalties for being too slow. Jirrima Yorkshire looked fantastic at the finish and could have gone around again. We had so much help to strap down thanks to the members of the Vic Eventing Squad. Everyone pitched in to help each rider as they finished. That good XC put Jirrima Yorkshire 7th but there was not much between 7th and 20th. Pressure was on for the Show jumping and again members of the Vic Squad helped with the warm up. Perfect. They went into the arena and the rails just fell, well actually there were only 3 but it seemed more and 7th became 17th.

We planned to watch the 4* Show jumping but it was delayed another hour and a warning came over the PA that an unauthorised person was removing equipment not belonging to him so we loaded up and headed for home. That was 3pm. Stopped along the way, gave Jirrima Yorkshire a rest and the dogs a run then continued on. Don't rely on the GPS or we would never have made it home that day or the next. Monday was spent catching up on the Sheparton news and checking the farm.


Victorian Eventing Squad part of the cool down team. Never had 7 helpers before!! Thank you


Wodonga Show Jumping World Cup

Wodonga Show Jumping Spectacular followed the next weekend after Wagga Dressage Championships and a few days after that is was off to Adelaide. In the meantime, my brother from Queensland made the trip down for Wodonga and Sheparton World Cups and is now addicted! He had 4 horses and all got placings at both Shows except Jirrima For'n'Sixpence, a youngster. who jumped well but finished out of the money. John and Rhonda looked after the farm when we left for Adelaide. Chatter had them wrapped around his paw and stayed in the kitchen at night. Well it beat having him rattle the bedroom door at night. Apart from the pleasure of having them visit the extra help was appreciated and it was good seeing his horses going so well.

Jirrima Yorkshire finished 3rd in an indoor class,

Jirrima For'n'Sixpence Elansu Lady Salsa It's Neptune

Wagga Dressage Championships

Yet again another well run event. Only the weather didn't play fair and if one had an early or late ride that was okay, but the heavens did open up as promised. Although a bit cool, Jirrima Candyman was the first to go and did 2 really nice Prelim tests, showing what he really can deliver. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo, blotted his copy book in the 2.1. It was pay back for all the hard work he had been asked for during the week! It may have been raining and cold, but no excuse. He was just adamant about a couple of movements, then did some really nice work, however that eleminated any chance of a placing! Jirrima Yorkshire did 2 really good tests in the Elem. Jodie Dunstan's coaching is definitely showing.

A big thank you to the organisers, volunteers and sponsors for the Competition. All is appreciated and especially the catering done by Elaine Furze.

It was a pleasure to meet Jess Jackson the Prydes Rep, and show her the competition horses, whose diet is Prydes BioMare Cubes and Prydes EasiResult. A fantastic feed and hopefully more riders around the area will use it.

Just to finish off the day, horses put away, truck unpacked, the dogs are the last chore and going into the garage, Chatter had left the remains of his catch from Friday. Again the 40cm tail end of a brown snake. We had seen blood in the garage on Friday night and blamed it on something else, when actually Chatter had caught the snake Friday and hidden it somewhere. This is not a good habit and he has had it explained to him, it is not good for his health to go hunting those things! Next morning it was gone and all cats and dogs had been locked up for the night.

Jirrima Yorkshire Elem. 3.1 2nd 3.2 2nd
Runner up Champion

Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo Novice 2.2 3rd Jirrima Candyman Prelim 1.1 1st 1.2 1st


Goulburn FEI HT (at Lynton)

Well the best laid plans of mice and men go astray and so it was the day we were leaving for Goulburn HT. We had a new arrival and in my wisdom caught a over fat broodmare and put her in with him to keep him company. Well it didn't take long for the new kid on the block to realize he could boss the gentle soul around. For safety we caught the mare and moved her over a paddock, so she was still in sight. Not to be out done, the new kid then ran the fence, got hot and gave the impression of colic. Just to be on the safe side we gave him a potion to settle him. I then fed out hay to the ones staying at home and a filly shoved her way into a laneway, which has no gate openings at the end. Pulled the fence down and removed her to another paddock. Just to add to the dramas, Skip found one of the poly connections had come adrift and water was going everywhere. Fixed that and headed for Goulburn way behind time. We still made the HTs venue in daylight.

Saturday was a day to be organised and competition was tough. 3 dressage tests followed by the show jumping for all horses. Jirrima Yorkshire, 2*, did some very nice work, but then marred it by some uncalled for movements putting him well down the placings. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo, 1*, found the dressage test a little hard and placed accordingly and Jirrima Candyman, Prenovice, was reliable, doing a nice test in stiff company. The 1*,2*, and 3* did their show jumping on grass area with a fair gradient and rails were many, with 2 rails for Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo and 1 rail for Jirrima Yorkshire. Jirrima Candyman had the sand arena and had 2 rails. Placings changed but not by much. XC on Sunday was challenging. Jirrima Yorkshire jumped fence 7 and in mid air the rider dithered so they glanced off Fence 8. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo had a clear jumping round and Jirrima Candyman took a dislike to a hanging log with a drop. All horses had time penalties but so did most of the field. The final placings were, Jirrima Yorkshire 27th, Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 14th and Jirrima Candyman 28th

It was great catching up with friends and seeing them do well. A big thank you to the committee and all the helpers that make Lynton such a great event

Jirrima Yorkshire 2* Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1* Jirrima Candyman Prenovice



Jindera Dressage Championships

Two big days of dressage, 3 horses and 6 tests each day. By the end of the second day tests were all starting to look alike. Do we turn left or right? Circle 20, 15 or 10 metres. Inspite of all the confusion Jirrima Yorkshire, Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo and Jirrima Candyman all came home with sashes for each test each day and Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo were both Reserve Champions in their respective levels. Well ridden Tania!

A huge thank you to all the organisers, scorer, pencillers, judges, gear checkers and everyone else who helped make the event such a success. A big thank you to Prydes Easifeeds for all the wonderful sponsorship. Our horses love the Prydes EasiResult and we were lucky enough to win some bags plus 2 new Prydes saddlecloths. 2 drenches, a bottle of shampoo and some other goodies also came our way. Thank you to all the sponsors.

Jirrima Yorkshire
Saturday 3rd 3.3, 2nd 3.2 Res Champion
Sunday 6th 4.3, 6th 4.2
Jirrima Candyman
Saturday 5th 1.2, 3rd 1.3
Sunday 5th 2.2, 4th 2.3
Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo
Saturday 5th 3.3, 3rd 3.2
Sunday 2nd 2.2, 2nd 2.3 Reserve Champion


Local Shows

The local shows Culcairn and Walbundrie are done and dusted for another year. In the case of Walbundrie it was more blown away. Two days of jump marshalling and Tania even managed to fit some rounds. Thanks to the competitors for supporting the Ag Shows. Thanks To Penny Gormley and Bob Prichard for helping navigate the ever increasing paperwork trail required by the RAS, who seem to be making it harder rather than easier for small Ag shows. Yorkshire, Candyman, Xpert and Scoobie all came home with prizes. All jumped well in their Southern Stars Saddles and gear Thank you Michelle Nichols
Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo made it into the local paper - Border Mail and Jirrima Yorkshire may be in The Land this week.

Chatter, the ginger cat had a big surprise waiting for us when we got home from Culcairn Show. 60cm rear end of a brown snake. The front half which is just as long has not been sighted. Tania has explained to Chatter on more than one occassion, that he is not visiting Rowley, the vet, again. He has had is quota of anti Venom! He was so proud of himself!

Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 2nd Scurry & 1.05m Jirrima Yorkshire 1st Scurry Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo



Jirrima Heirloom, an unbroken filly, is off to her new home in Queensland. Photos hot off the press! There are 3 other 2 year olds looking for new homes.

Jirrima Heirloom 2yo

Lockhart Spirit of the Land Festival

We had ideas of going to the Lockhart Picnic Races but got side tracked with all the sculptures and artifacts that define Lockhart. We spent time checking out the walking track and all the items made from recycled metal. Some very talented people around.


Friends of Werribee

The competition horses have been sort of back in work and Friends of Werribee helped to blow a few of the cobwebs away. All horses went down a level from their last out (Camden back in April) so it was a good hit out. Dressage out of the way and good tests done by Jirrima Candyman and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo while Jirrima Yorkshire spent a lot of his test telling Tania what they were to do ahead of markers hence there were non required flying changes and shoulder ins were not on the agenda this weekend. He placed where he deserved, 21st. Jirrima Candyman was 2nd, 2 points behind Andrew Cooper (a friend, formerly from Wagga) and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo was =8th with Andrew Cooper! Both Tania and Andrew had a rail down, showjumping and that left XC. Both went clear and under time. In the final result, Andrew had 2 time penalties show jumping and that left Tania and Jirrima Candyman the winners by 0.2 penalties. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo had 3.6 time penalties XC but one of the few clear rounds showjumping. He finished 2nd with Andrew 3rd by 1.2 penalties after a rail in the showjumping. The star, or he thinks so, Jirrima Yorkshire, had a rail showjumping and was clear XC jumping, although 4.8 time penalties. He climbed the scoreboard to finished 8th.

Gabby Goldsworthy of Beechworth Honey fame, joined the team for her first EA event. Northern Henrietta was outclassed at this stage in the dressage, but went clear show jumping and XC, although they had 2.8 time penalties XC they finished a very creditable 16th.

Hannah Ramage and Jirrima Anchorman had their first 1* start. They did a top dressage test, coming 4th, and looked fabulous on XC but the showjumping caused a slight problem causing them to have 4 rails down, dropping them to a final placing of 11th.

Tania had sort of broken in her Southern Stars Eventing saddles and used them on the horses for the first time in competition. She was over the moon with them. Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Candyman have to share, but Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo has his own saddle (a sore shoulder causing lameness, is a thing of the past). Thank you to Michelle for extra advice on the equipment.

A big thank you to Alan and Jan Robinson (Gabby's grand parents) and also to Gabby for strapping, plus all the little extras that make everything go like clock work. Also for the tub of Beechworth Honey - Yellow Box. Highly recommended.

A big thank you to the Committee, organisers, volunteers and extras that make this weekend so special. Also the the sponsors who supported the classes. Tania was lucky this weekend to come home with some spoils. A Friends of Werribee rug, Jirrima Candyman and a saddle cloth and ear bonnet from The Dancing Horse for Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo.

Finally a big thank you to our sponsors, Prydes, whose feed is the only one to use. We continue to use Prydes Bio Mare Cubes, Prydes Easi Result and Prydes Easi Oil as the results speak for themselves and Southern Stars. The horses all looked brilliant and Tania was over the moon with the bridles, breastplate and Eventers saddle. She has one for Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo(fitted) and Jirrima Yorkshire and Jirrima Candyman share one.

Jirrima Yorkshire ~ 2* -8th Jirrima Anchorman ~ Hannah Ramage 1* -11th

Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo ~ Pre Nov -2nd. photo credit Trent Stanley

Jirrima Candyman ~ Prelim -1st

Northern Henrietta ~ Gabby Goldsworthy ~ Intro -16th


Craig Gordon's xc fences

We have been lucky to have Craig build us some XC fences hence some of our training can now be done at home and not at a competition on course. His workmanship is guaranteed! Wait till you see the next complex!

Craig building the Apex Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo testing the Apex Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo trialing the brush


Sunday with a difference

The Albury Camera club had an open day at Morgan's Lookout and although we drive passed it frequently, we never take the time to check out the magnificent views. Armed with cameras we tried our style. To top it all off it was the night of the Super Moon. Also one of the club members showed Skip how to set her camera for capturing a fantastic sunset as seen below. Hope you enjoy our efforts.

The row of dotted trees is Wishbone Flats

Morgans Lookout Viewing Platform

Skip, on top of the world or rather the rock

Super Moon over Yambla Range

Kay, an unlikely tree hugger

Super Moon

Skip catching the setting Sun

Sunset at the lookout (after some help)

Early competitions

Well you have to start somewhere and REA at Wagga CSU had a show jumping day with a ring for the beginners. Just up our ally. Loaded the truck with 4 horses and two were entered in classes.
60 and 70cm. Jirrima Xpert finished 3rd in the 60cm and 2nd in the 70cm. Jirrima Eskimo Joe drew the short straw and showed his talent. A 4th in the 60cm! A rail in the 70cm was a good effort. On Sunday we rocked up to BDSJC at Wodonga and although no placings this time, we were very happy with Jirrima Xpert and Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox, who was having his first outing. Those little grey ponies are to be given a wide berth according to Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox!

Jirrima Fantastic Mr Fox at BDSJC Jirrima Glamour at home Jirrima Easy Jet at Wagga REA. Jirrima Eskimo Joe at REA. His 1st outing


How to spend an early Morning in July! Happy snaps with the camera only Tessac stayed in bed!




Melbourne 3DE

After watching the weather for the previous fortnight, trying to work out if Melbourne 3DE weather was going to be wet or dry. It did a bit of both. All competition horses had to arrive Wednesday and vet in, then it was our own time. Well that is if you don't count the first trot up. That caused enough drama to start the event. Skip always carries a dressage whip for the trot up but having taken everything out of the truck to wash and pack for Werribee, the dressage whip was left behind. Jirrima Yorkshire trit trotted up the path and stumbled, just before turning and heading back to the vet. He came up lame as a cat on the off fore. Off to the holding pen! We had never been there before! Vets passed him as sound so back to represent and passed. Not a good start. Off to buy a dressage whip!!

Dressage for 3* was not till Saturday, but Skip worked Jirrima Yorkshire each day. Unfortunately, sand got in the back of one of the hind boots and caused an irritation. When we put hind boots on him, he was very lame. Called the vet and given some treatment, but no working with back boots. Dressge day was fine for most of Saturday, till their test, and then in the warm up it started to drizzle and during the test it got really wet! Jirrima Yorkshire did a really good test, showing how much he had learnt from Jodie Dunstan's lessons. They came out of the arena and so did the sun shine! Finished in 9th place

Sunday was xc and when we booted up Jirrima Yorkshire, same problem. He was lame. A mad rush around the shops by Skip and finally at Southern Stars Saddlery, there was a boot that was covered at the front cannon/fetlock, but left the back of the fetlock clear. They worked and highly recommended! Not only that, Skip is sponsored by Southern Stars. It looked for a time that they would withdraw as there was no way Skip was going xc without all four boots. 3* were the last class to go xc. Jirrima Yorkshire went round the first 'paddock' in fine style and jumped the third fence super well (pictured). Then they were out of sight and we were relying on the commentator to keep up updated. The rider ahead of Skip crossed the finish line and we waited the 3-4 minutes for Skip to arrive. Then found out there was a hold on course. Waited. The horse behind Skip came through the finish. Waited. Checked my watch. Heard half of something about Tania Harding and Jirrima Yorkshire over the loud speaker. Waited. Had just started to go to get information of what had happened to them when they came into sight. Relief! Jumped the last 2 fences well and was still in a hurry. They had been held on the back polo field and when re started Yorkshire had grown 2 heads and gave Skip an unpleasant ride home. They had a runout earlier in the course at fence 11. Two skinny brushes on a curve. A and B, only B was out of sight when you jumped A. Jirrima Yorkshire ran out of room to the B element but came around and jumped it well. Into vet check and it was all hands on deck. Friends, Jenny and Hayley, who had come down for the day, jumped the fence and added extra hands. Kylie was left on the other side with the camera! All help appreciated. Jirrima Yorkshire had never had so many strappers! Left the vet area with the lowest recovery heart rate of all 3* horses.

Trot up before Show jumping was a piece of cake. Sound++ They were back before I left the truck to watch!!

It is so good being part of Vic Eventing Squad. Help was available for all phases and it is a credit to Janet Houghton for all her organisation. Jamie Coman was there to help warm up for show jumping and it was terrific to have an expert suggesting advice. The show jumping course was built by Gavin Chester and it caused enough headaches for riders. Clear rounds were few and far between. Jirrima Yorkshire was another victim, having 4 rails, not that it really mattered in the end result. They held 11th place out of 23 starters and completed their first 3* 3Day Event. I had recharged the camera battery and it was still on the charger at the time of showjumping. Sorry no photos!

Nikki Kennedy was chief strapper and did a fantastic job all week. Pam arrived Sunday and helped out, not to forget Jenny and Hayley. I was postively not required on the horse front but did come in handy for dinner and walking the dogs!!

Trot up Warming up for dressage- rain gone? Dressage test-yes it is the right combination! And the rain has arrived! Still raining
2nd element of 1st water jump 2nd last fence home! The team at work, 2 are out of sight! Passed with flying colours

Photo Credits to Nikki Kennedy and Kylie.

Camden Equestriad HT

What a weekend. Seemed to be on the go all the time and only 3 horses. I think it was the socialising that filled in the 'spare time'. Arrived late at the grounds and there were trucks everywhere but we were lucky enough to find a back corner to set up yards and camping. We had almost finished when Belinda arrived to check on us.

Jirrima Yorkshire (3*) was first on and did some lovely work warming up but went into the arena and forgot all about flexion, softness, leg aides, etc much to Skip's frustration. However Jirrima Candyman (105cm) and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo (1*) made up for his forgetfulness and did good dressage tests. However in the showjumping Jirrima Candyman forgot he could leave the ground on all occassions. He disgraced himself with 5 rails down, even if the pictures look otherwise. Very frustrating! The XC was challenging to the horses and rider (Skip). All are new to the grades and it proved too much for Jirrima Candyman who called it quits at jump 6, a fair size ditch and bank, one stride to a log. Just above him at this stage. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo had 1 rail in the show jumping and went clear XC jumping with 10 time penalties. Jirrima Yorkshire had 2 rails and time Show jumping then in the XC he had a runout at the B element of the brush in the arena and time penalties. The photo shows him clear it on the second attempt. Nothing bad, just inexperience for both horse and rider. Final placings were Jirrima Yorkshire 14th, Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 10th and Jirrima Candyman did not finish. Regardless of the results it was a good weekend of competition and catching up with friends, Donna and Garry, plus being spoilt again by Belinda who not only managed the camera, she also strapped and fed us! No wonder we keep going to Camden!

All photos taken by Belinda Douglass


Wagga Wagga HT

A mid morning dressage test was a bonus so left home in daylight for Wagga. The committee had organised for all dressage and showjumping to be at CSU (University) on Sat and XC in the usual area Sunday. Great idea. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo was having his first 1* start, Jirrima Candyman was up a grade to Prenovice and Jirrima Xpert started in Intro after a very limited preparation. Good dressage tests were done by all. Jirrima Xpert managed to get hers done before the drizzle set in and that made the rest of the day unpleasant. Red mud everywhere! Show jumping was held in the indoor and under lights for the practise jumps. Jirrima Xpert and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo were clear show jumping and Jirrima Candyman had 1 down. Excellent riding indoors!

Next day off to XC and all horses went clear although Jirrima Candyman had a couple of time faults. Skip's last ride was Jirrima Xpert. She flew around the course, Skip telling her 'go pony go'coming home in fine style in 5mins 35secs and one disappointed rider as she was over time. Walking back to the truck, Skip over heard another rider saying she did the course in 6mins and thinks she has time penalties for going too fast! Ooops!! The time on course was 6mins 18secs! Not 5mins 18secs! Never the less Skip really enjoyed the ride and even if she did do Xpert out of 1st place! She is a bonza little horse! A fantastice day anyway. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1st 1*, (finished on his dressage score) Jirrima Candyman 4th Prenovice and Jirrima Xpert 6th Intro. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo featured in the Horse Deals in the Wagga HT section as winner of the 1*!

Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 1*, 1st Jirrima Candyman Prenovice, 4th Jirrima Xpert Intro, 6th

Barry Hillier Memorial HT

Much needed rain was happening Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and cleared up Friday. 60mm in all but keeping a close watch on the emails to see if the event was on or not owing to conditions. It was all systems go and Grades 1 & 2 had their dressage Saturday. Jirrima Candyman was having his first start at grade 1 (Prenovice). Skip walked the XC courses that afternoon and it was a big step up for Jirrima Candyman and some technical fences involved. Jirrima Xpert was going Grade 4 as it was her first start back in about 5 years. She is such an expert at missing coming in for work! She did do the Ken Gibbs but riding in between the two events was very limited. Jirrima Candyman had 3 rails Show jumping but went well, and came home clear XC. Skip was very happy with him. The XC had dried out fairly well and the later it got on Sunday to safer the going. Jirrima Xpert was a star. She took Skip around the show jumping for a clear round and nailed the XC. The end result was both horses winning their class. A lovely surprise. Sorry no pics at this stage as I was busy with the video camera.

Albury Wodonga International Horse Trials

Our local event and only an hour away so looking forward to travelling at a respectable hour. No such luck. Trot up for Jirrima Yorkshire, was 7am Saturday! Daylight saving ended Sunday so although early it was daylight driving in. As you may guess, I am not a fan of Daylight Saving.

Our same team of horses were competing and again all did nice tests in dressage. The top riders on Australia's eastern side competed, so a very respectable test had Jirrima Yorkshire 20th, 3*, Jirrima Candyman placed 7th, Prelim and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 4th, Prenovice. Leeson Sirrett built the show jumping courses and when I spoke to him on the Prenovice and under courses his comment was, 'no 2 horses had done the same' and faults were the name of the day. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo went clear, Jirrima Candyman did a good round but had 2 rails down, the same as Jirrima Yorkshire in the 3*. A general rider's comment in the 3* was 'who ever heard of 2 triple bars in the one course'! Not only that, there were 2 combinations (a double and a treble) and mostly related lines. A typical 'Leeson' course, all very jumpable but required careful riding!! All horses were awesome XC on max fences for all grades. Skip took the option at the last bank which was jump onto a bank, bounce to the next bank, and bounce over a big brush and they came home with 18 time penalties but clear jumping. Very happy. Final placings were Jirrima Yorkshire 14th, Jirrima Candyman 8th and the Mr Reliable, Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo, 4th.

I lost my position of Strapper for the weekend! On Saturday I was a volunteer, collecting dressage tests, but managed to see our horses in their events. Annie was head strapper and did a fantastic job and on the Sunday I was given the day off and enjoyed being very social! What a cruisie day I had! I had the cameras, but Nikki took over the still camera leaving me to video only! Nikki, a fan of Jirrima Yorkshire focused on him, so there are very few pics of the others all weekend. Annie looked after Jirrima Candyman and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo before and after XC, then the big guns came in, Nikki, Hannah and Kate who strapped for Jirrima Yorkshire! A very big thank you to the girls, who also competed on the weekend as well. Plus Hannah was having her first 1* start on Jirrima Anchorman and they completed. Kate finished 6th Prelim on Raylyn's Pacific and Nikki was 12th in Prelim on Rising Spring. A successful weekend all round.

Congratulations to the committee on a very successful and well run event. A credit to all of you.  From a volunteer’s view it was a pleasure to be able to help on Saturday and hopefully it ran smoothly on the organising side as well. Angela, Helen and Bradley and Kerryn had family competing so that added another cap to their already over full itinerary. Again congratulations on a well run event.

Annie the strapper adding final touches to Jirrima Yorkshire 14th 3* Jirrima Yorkshire in the show jumping - One of the triple bars Into the water ............ ............and out of the water

Not far from home Jirrima Candyman 8th Prelim Photo Credit Main Event Photography Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 4th Prenovice warming up for Dressage Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo Photo Credit Main Event Photography


Ken Gibbs Memorial Show Jumping

An early start in the day, thanks to daylight saving the sun doesn't get up till 7.30am Can't wait to get back to 'proper time'!! One advantage, you do get to see some awesome sunrises!

Weather forecast was rain clearing (that means no rain!!) and 29 degrees (Tee shirt weather!) so off with all heavy rugs and AWEC we come. Jirrima Xpert, had been resting in the paddock, so decided she was a good candidate for the 65cm class. I had lunged her a few days before and Skip rode her the day Saturday. She was a gem and come 3rd in her class! Chatting on the way home and worked out she had not been ridden for about 18 months! She is so good she just keeps slipping under the radar when it comes to work!

The weather advisors need to up their predictions! Rain came down, few people had wet weather gear and the arena was a lake, although the footing was still excellent. Jirrima Candyman and Skip were drenched warming up for the 95cm and the 1.05/1.10m ride was between showers, Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo, had a dry run for the 1.05/1.10m, and by the time Jirrima Yorkshire's 1.15/1.20 and 1.25/1.30m it was sort of fining up and all the early competitors had left! Jirrima Candyman was a bit wayward in the 95cm, but really had his eyes opened in the next class, the 1.05/1.10m class. Half way round he worked out how to jump the top rails and jumped really well. A rail or 2 before that! Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo had an unlucky rail but jumped well and Jirrima Yorkshire made the jump off in the 1.15/1.20m class but his rider lined up a double in the jump off, only to find a row of people in front of it. That was the wrong double!! They made up for it in the 1.25/1.30m class coming 3rd. Jirrima Variey Show came on the truck just to get some work but that went out the window with the wet weather!! Not that it mattered in his book. He got to go on the truck!!!

Many thanks to the everyone who helped make it a very enjoyable day.

Jirrima Yorkshire 1.30m 3rd Jirrima Xpert 65cm 3rd Jirrima Candyman warming up in the rain Sorry no pics of Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo but this was the sunrise!!


Wandin HT

The same team competing again but this time Jirrima Yorkshire went 3* and it was the usual big course that Wandin is noted for. Actually all fences are to be respected at Wandin regardless of level!
All horses performed well in dressage, Jirrima Yorkshore, 3*, Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo, Prenovice and Jirrima Candyman, Prelim. The show jumping courses were technical but Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo and Jirrima Candyman both went clear and Jirrima Yorkshire had 2 rails but it was a very good round over a difficult course. Skip actually had time to walk 2 of the 3 courses! The final result was Jirrima Yorkshire 7th and a mention in Eventful Life, Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo, 6th Prenovice (from 12th after dressage - clear XC and SJ) and Jirrima Candyman dropped to 15th after a naughty run out (literally) on XC! A good weekend with Craig and Kate to top it off.

One boo boo. After Skip finished the 3* course which I had been videoing, I flew back to the truck to collect water, as she had told me early in the day, there was no water at the finish. Well by the time I got there with water in a big bucket and sponge (couldln't find the scraper quickly) I got told I was late by the chief steward!! Water had been organised unknown to me and Skip had Chris, the chief steward giving her a hand!! All finished well and Jirrima Yorkshire won our contest for the lowest heart rate. He was 80 bpm, Yabba Dabba Doo 84 and Jirrima Candyman was 96 although his was taken immediately he finish so really not a level playing field!!

Jirrima Candyman prelim - Wandin Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo Prenovice - Wandin Jirrima Yorkshire
Photo Credits to Tazzie Eggins and Trot Shots


Creative Building

Shopping was on the agenda for Monday. Collected Craig and Keira Gordon plus Craig's large trailer and off the Albury. Shopping list:- 3m planks, 3m sleepers, 2.4m planks and bolts. Back to the Gordon household and unload, then start creating! By the end of the 2nd day, one apex and one box brush had been built and delivered! Craig is a master at building portable XC fences and very tolerant of his off sider!! A picture of the finished product is still to come but it jumps well!!!

Craig - Start with the chain saw and .... ....... Finish with the planer!!


Eventing Squad at Werribee

Well Skip discovered what being on a squad was all about and really appreciated all the coaches and their help. Jirrima Yorkshire was our only horse doing the lessons and he was one tired horse by Sunday afternoon. Barry Roycroft did a dressage test ride with each rider and then explained where they could improve their tests. Jamie Coman had some interesting grids and kept an eye on the riders position over a fence. Charlotte Pederson was excellent getting the horse to move in self carriage and Will Enzinger showed a few XC techniques. A fantastic weekend and Skip came home with heaps of knowledge and homework! Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo and Jirrima Candyman came along for the ride and got worked at Werribee. If they had stayed home they would have had an unscheduled holiday! Blu and Maseratti thought the weekend was great as they got to come and quard the truck!!

Jirrima Yorkshire in Charlotte Pederson's lesson Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo trying to do what Jirrima Yorkshire had achieved!! Some way to go!!  

The last of the outside mares has gone home. Tested positive in foal to Belcam Coalac. Days are cooling down so stretching for an excuse to go to the cinema. Called an RDO after Sydney HT and watched '12 years a Slave' Great movie!! Just as well there are no movies currently being shown that are of interest to us!!

Sydney Weekend HT

A weekend to get some of the rust off after a long break from competition. Quite a few other riders made the same comment! All dressage was on Saturday, plus Jirrima Yorkshire's show jumping. Lovely dressage tests were done by all horses. Jirrima Candyman's dressage test was the same time as the 2* show jumping, so Skip learnt the course from the gate marshal and watched a couple of the remaining riders jump round. All was going fine till the first related line! First jump was wrong and it had a domino effect!! Ah well, the rest of the round was good!!! Dropped from 7th to 17th! His final placing was 12th after a clear XC and 3.4 time penalties.

Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo was the star for the weekend. Although a rail down in the show jumping and a few XC time penalties he finished 7th. A pleasing result. Jirrima Candyman was not impressed with John Valance's show jumping course and proceeded to lower it! 5 rails dropped him from 8th to 16th!! Oh well, but there were no excuses for him!

A fantastic weekend was had all in all. Donna, who finished 13th in Prenovice on Sir Maverick, helped in her spare time and was camera person on occasion as well. She was also part of the Unofficial OTT interstate team (Qld v NSW). A big thank you to Belinda for super accommodation and yards for the horses. Certainly beats building yards, travelling after work and arriving late at night!!

Jirrima Yorkshire ~ 2* - 12th Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo ~ Pre novice - 7th Jirrima Candyman ~ Prelim - 16th

Just an up date

Jirrima Glimmer has found a wonderful new home. She is a lovely 2 yo Clydie X filly by Belcam Coalac and likes to please. Her new co owner got some practice in by handling Blu on the lead!

Jirrima Glimmer 2 yo filly by Belcam Coalac Blu and Lauren


Henty Show

Jirrima Variety Show is back in the performance team, only this time competing HRCAV with Kay. Henty Show was our first Show outing and came home with a heap of ribbons, including Reserve Champion Ridden Arabian Derivative and Champion HRCAV Rider! What a good horse! First champion rider in 50 years!!! Skip was strapper for the day!

A Different Era

Not far from 'Wishbone Flats' one of the farmers, who is a keen collector of headers had a Field Day. It was featured on Landline the following weekend with much success and enjoyed by people from afar. Stacky, my neighbour, is a keen Clydesdale person and he organized all the horses that were used. As a useful neighbour to Stacky I got an invite to come along and join the workers in the 'behind the scenes'! A bit of back ground information. Ritchie, from Jindera, brought 2 lovely dark harness horses and a big mule (Heehaw - 16hh+), Michael Jones had a matching roan pair of Clydesdales, Julie, Walla, had a lovely gelding, Edward, for the tipping dray, and Steve and Jan from Lake Cargelligo brought 8 Clydesdales for the header. In the team there were 7 mares and 1 gelding. The black mare with the blaze, Molly, had her 2 daughters working along side her. All horse drawn implements were displayed working and the television crew used a 'drone' to film various parts of the day. At the end of the day, the first Class Header ever built and the latest Class Header were displayed stripping wheat together. The camera person was having time out at this stage! Unfortunately it was well over 40 degrees during the day. I came home with the temperature still at 40 degrees and it was 6 pm!!

On the farm

Well things are still happening but not with the competition horses. They are being 'spelled' but still having a meal of goodies each night and when the weather changes, so are rugs! Finally I got my water feature in and operating. Given to me about 2 years ago and it took that long to decide where and how to do it. Just check it out!!! Even has lighting at night, just for the dogs to get a drink. Used a heap of solar 'toys' for lighting and pump. Also found a handyman/builder and now the verandah eaves are closed in and the sparrows minus a home. Also did a heap of odd jobs for us. Thank you Rob Tassell.

Had heaps of fun shopping for garden bits! The picture of Maseratti was taken 6 weeks ago and it is amazing how dry everything has become. It is currently raining as I am updating this and there is instant green lawn that needs mowing!!! A bit different to yesterday when the dogs, cat and me declared it hot. All were inside under a fan!!

Just starting to work the youngsters (3 and 4 year olds) and all are going better than when they were turned out early this year. Well, so far. They are lunging and occasionally free jumping in case there is any talent and some have really surprised me with their ability!! Just waiting till they have their first ride back then we'll know how good they are!!

As we are still trying to reduce numbers I have decided to add Glimmer to the list. She is a lovely big, dark brown, 2yo Clydie x WB with a super nature and will make a great riding horse. She is on the list to be broken in after Christmas. All I need is a recent photo of her and a few others! On the sale list also are most of the yearlings. There are some super horses there just waiting for new owners!!

Harvest was a non event in some respects. Wheat had been badly frosted hence baling before it could turn. Making top hay. 5 huge rows of wheaten hay that should have been 4 tonne/hectare of wheat crop. The canola was hit as well but at least the header did go into the paddock!

Image 5 more rows like this. What a disaster!!! There was no grain at all in the heads. 850 bales!

Rattled Nerves

Busy doing my list of chores for the day, eg check water, moved Molly, checked Coalac and coming back from the stables thinking of next item and a brown snake and I met at the gateway into the big yard. It was coming into the stable area and I was going out to fix the cattle yard latches. I let out a yelp, it doubled back into the grass/cattle yards/44 gal drum (in other words disappeared very quickly) and Maseratti arrived to the rescue only to be told to go back to the house. Searched for a bit, but knowing if a snake doesn't want to be found there is no chance of finding it. Made a block to the stables but if it wants to get there it will and off to buy a snake repellent now!! I did continue with the list and have now got all the latches at the cattle yards working easier! Heart still running on adrenaline!!!! I have also bought 4 more snake repellents as another one joined Festy and me in the stables!!

Goulburn HT

What a weekend. Saturday was really busy till mid afternoon with dressage for all horses, then show jumping for Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo and Jirrima Yorkshire and XC for Jirrima Candyman. Plus Tania had to walk the XC courses. All horses did good dressage tests finishing near the leaders although Jirrima Candyman was a leader, then, all horses had a rail in the showjumping making the scores escalate, then went clear for XC so that made a more level playing field. I would have to check the scores to see the changes but the final result was Jirrima Yorkshire 4th, 2* Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo 5th, Prenovice and the star Jirrima Candyman 1st, Prelim and led from start to finish. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo has never had to work so hard in the dressage!!!

Owing to the tight camping area, we were parked by attendants in an allotted space. Luckily, our neighbours were friends from Sydney, Donna and Gary. Gary was horrified 2 minute noodles were the menu for dinner, so escaped to Goulburn to do some shopping. Wow, he can come again!! Served entre and then schnitzels for dinner. At least we could add a choice of Banana Bread, Muffins, Chocolate and After Dinner Mints for desert!! Just plain good company for the weekend and Sir Maverick and Donna finished 9th, Prenovice. Placings were advertised to 10th but the committee changed their mind and placings went to 8th hence Donna missed out on a rosette.

Warnings came through that the fires in Sydney threatened to block the Hume Freeway mid Sunday afternoon so there was a mass exodus. The committee rushed to complete the event and we were on the road by 3pm and home in daylight!!

For us that is the end of the eventing season and there will be a change of horses in work, but this week is being quite slack as we take a breather.

Jirrima Yorkshire 2* Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo ~ Prenovice Jirrima Candyman ~ Prelim



Just hot off the press

Maseratti found a new playmate and I was not impressed. Heard her playing, then saw her toy. Told Maseratti in no uncertain terms 'to go to her kennel'! Below is the playmate. All 170cm of it and fat! I re homed it and then took Maseratti to the vet just in case. Thankfully she is fine but keeping an eye on her is a challenge. Really don't like her choice of friends as this is the second one she has found, and both near the house. This one was 6m from the back garage.

Avenel Ht

All horses went up a level at Avenel as we had been at the event previously and thought it a nice course to step up. Jirrima Candyman and Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo (Tania riding this time) went Prenovice and Jirrima Yorkshire did his first 3*. Well the wind came up and scattered showers were the order of the day for the dressage. Everytime Jirrima Candyman went out a shower came down! He started his dressage test with a bitter shower and it got worse as he continued. As he finished so did the rain but the judge thought he should have coped a bit better and not turned his bum to the sleet so he was down the order for the first day. Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo was consistent and he had the sand arena to work in. Nice test and 5th. The wind was Jirrima Yorkshire's excuse but he put in some lovely work but showed more enthusiasm than required for some movements and the marks went accordingly.

Jirrima Yorkshire 3* Avenel HT Jirrima Candyman dressage in the rain again! Jirrima Candyman XC ~Avenel HT ~ Prenovice


Camden Equestriad HT

What an event for us. Weather was great, company excellent, and had a guide escort to the grounds and the event had not started yet!! A big thank you to Belinda for all her care, strapping, photography, meals and transport to name a few of the things she did for us. Very much appreciated. Also thank you to Donna and Gary (Gary also re shod Yorkshire) for their help. It was great to see Donna and Sir Maverick do so well. The final Dinner was a great finish to a terrific weekend.

All horses strutted their stuff and placed accordingly. Candyman and Yabba Dabba Doo place 2nd in dressage, (different divisions) and Yorkshire was down the list owing to the ghosts in the tree line behind the judges car. Show jumping went well with Candyman having only 1 rail down plus 2time penalties and Yabba Dabba Doo also had 1 time penalty. Yorkshire went brilliantly with a clear round. Next day was XC and Tania really got serious. Yabba Dabba Doo was our first horse to go and Tania put the foot down. Too much in fact and had 2.4 time penalties for being too quick!! Candyman showed he could go if he put his mind to it and came home clear. Yorkshire jumped fantastically and only had 5.2 time penalties. The final result was Yorkshire 6th 2*, Candyman 3rd Prelim and Yabba Dabba Doo 4th Prelim.

  Jirrima Candyman Prelim Div B 3rd .
  Jirrima Yorkshire 2* 6th Note the reflections!!
  Jirrima Yabba Dabba Doo Prelim Div A 4th All photos credit to Belinda Douglass

Friends of Werribee HT

Friday started well till I burnt the muffins and decided to ice them to camouflage my mistakes. No icing sugar so off to the co-op. Decisions - which Icing sugar, pure or soft??? Well I gambled on the Soft and that sort of covered the burnt taste. Then the truck needed coolant and being no mechanic I went for help. I was informed that adding a different coolant could be detrimental to the truck, so back home to find a watering can and rain water. Then had trouble lifting the front flap of the truck and undoing the coolant cap! Now start to hit the limit of when I should be leaving. Skip had left out float boots, tail bandages and lead ropes. By the time I got all the small things done I was running late to meet her in Albury! Getting on the road I mentioned the tasks that I had done thinking I had done well!! Truck was fine but horses were....... I put float boots on Yorkshire, should have been Candyman, could only find one tail bandage so that went on Yorkshire, should have been Candyman, found the second one in the truck later, picked up the lead ropes, left at the truck for horses and they were for the dogs! Well I did try!!! There was a line up for diesel in Albury and Skip reckoned we had enough to go to Wallan. There was a surprise waiting at Glenrowan so my excuse was I needed a pit stop! Good friends, Annie and Amelia met us. We had planned a surprise for Skip and they were her strappers for the weekend.

Saturday, Yorkshire and Candyman did very nice dressages tests and were well placed 6th (2*) and 4th (Prelim) respectively. Candyman was stressed in the warmup for show jumping and it showed in his round.. A cricket score was accumulated. The Australian Cricket team would have been proud of him if he was batting against the Poms!

Sunday was XC day and Candyman redeemed himself by going clear and under time, but this time he had 5 penalties for being too quick. This is a first. Skip has had to drop the Captain Slow title! Yorkshire flew around the 2* course coming in under time as well. He was unfortunate to have a rail in the show jumping but finished in 4th place. Candyman finished a creditable 8th.

A good weekend was had by all and thanks to Annie, Amelia, Nikki and Pam for all the little extras. It was good catching up and having time to be social with friends we often see on the circuit but seldom have time to chat. Blu and Maseratti, the dogs, thought they were in heaven coming with the truck!

Congratulations to FOW committee for another successful weekend.

Jirrima Yorkshire warming up for Dressage Jirrima Candyman Jirrima Candyman clearing a fence!




More around the Home

As the days are short and cool all horses are on the back burner, The rubber has been put on the round yard, that I bought 12 months ago, the round yard that is, the side house fence has been completed and odd repairs needing a welder have been done and that is thanks to fencer/handyman Leigh Fahey from Tallangatta.

The foals have finally been weaned. Spent the 1st week in the small yards with Mum along side then Mum went to the paddock and foals stayed behind. Skip has handled them and they now face up, lead, tie up and are stabled. We just need to find small rugs for them. They are a lovely lot of foals all with very good movement. No pics available as they are sooo woolly and growing!

Cougar and Eskimo Joe are back around the house but that is it. They love it. Yorkshire, Festy and Candyman are to start work this week. Scoobie is out till I my collar bone is fully healed. Just might start ground working him so at least he will be slightly fit.

Jirrima YaJet has a new home and his new owners are over the moon to own this lovely horse. Annie was sad to see him go but as he was not being worked she is pleased he found such a lovely home.

Melbourne 3 Day Event

All the training preparations went out the door as Ballarat HT filled up overnight, Camden was out of the question due to work and Albury training day was cancelled due to wet weather. A dressage lesson was a last minute decision and paid off. It was all eyes on the weather as it had rained the week prior and a wet Melbourne 3DE is not pleasant!

On arrival, Wednesday, Jirrima Yorkshire vetted in with flying colours, then it was set up camp for the weekend. First challenge is the trot up on Thursday. Passed and a bonus. Tania won the best dressed for the 2* and a beautiful pair of Dubarry boots was donated by Dubarry. A big thank you to Dubarry for their sponsorship.

Friday was dressage and Jirrima Yorkshire did a lovely test even if he was placed 24th. His trot work was awesome! Even with this score they were well with in striking distance of the leaders. The quality of the current 2* horses is amazing. Saturday was a 'rest' day and the agenda was shopping. Well that didn't happen. There was so much happening that the shopping was put on hold! Christopher Hess had a master class and the 3* dressage had centre stage. Not to mention walking the XC a number of times! There were so many options for a glance off a fence creating 20 penalties, for all the course.

Sunday dawned nice and fine and everything went like clockwork. The water at the finish was organised, instructions given, horse and rider ready. As there was time for a bit of a look, we watched the 1* riders on some of their course. Then it was crunch time. Watched Tania and Jirrima Yorkshire over the practice fences, all good. When they moved off to the final arena before the starting box we headed off to the Camel paddock as there were a number of fences we could watch and still make it back to the finish before them. Met Regina at the warm up arena and she volunteered to help strap and the finish. Gladly accepted!! We followed their progress via the commentary, around the polo field, the 1st water jump complex, a ski jump to a box skinny, then into sight. How nice was that! Jirrima Yorkshire was busy showing Tania how fast he could travel and 'how he knew boats'!! Hence there was a bit of resistance steadying for a couple of combinations. By the time he was three quarters around the course, they were working in perfect harmony. We flew back to the finish and watched them over the last fence, then it was all hands on deck to cool him down. Heart rate was 76 on the first vet check so really happy with that. A big thank you to Wendy and Regina who plied him with water and scraped him off repeatedly to cool him down.

By Monday before the Show Jumping, Jirrima Yorkshire had moved to 17th place. Once again they passed the dreaded trot up with flying colours and had an 'Official photo' taken by the Dubarry team for the best dressed Handler in 2* Then came to wait!! Barry Templeton, a Chiropractor and Herbalist, who I had been in touch with for many years, with problem horses, came in from Ballarat and gave Jirrima Yorkshire a check over and found him in A+ condition after the XC. Finally it was their turn to show jump and they completed a very good round but had 2 unfortunate rails down. It wasn't the end of the world and they joined the majority of riders with similar penalties on the course built by David Shepard. Again they moved up and finished 11th, just out of a place.

I am gradually finding photos as the video camera was in use for the dressage and showjumping and the battery was busy charging when the xc was happening!!.

Winning 2* Outfit Sponsored by Dubarry Ireland Warming up for dressage

Dressed for 2* Dressage test

XC finished. Back at camp. All bright, relaxed and ready to go again




Sydney 3DE

Sydney really put out all the stops for the 3DE. Beautiful weather, top competition both eventing and show jumping and plenty of trades stands to spend your money. Only Yorkshire went and he competed CCI 2*. Of course the all important dressage phase is first and it is always nice to get that out of the way. Nice test with a couple of minor errors but he was a creditable 6th at the end of the day. The fun day, cross country, caught them both out at the first water jump. Jumped in well but glanced off at the skinny on the way out so that is an expensive mistake. Oh well, that's eventing. A lovely show jumping round with only one rail. Final result 10th

A big thank you to Belinda who fed us all week and strapped XC day. She also conned another friend, Donna, to help out strapping xc as well. Thank you. Yorkshire completed the course brilliantly and pulled up with a heart rate of 72. and still fun of running.

The well dressed pair (Tania and Jirrima Yorkshire) won the Best Dressed Female in the 2* Trot up, that was Sponsored by Spooks. A new riding coat was added to the wardrobe. Tania wore it in the Show Jumping and looked stunning.

6th to Start Down the placings after glance off at the 1st water A rail and the final result 10th


Albury Horse Trials

Tania had the honour of riding all 3 horses at Albury although I am not too sure Yabba Dabba Doo was overly impressed. He and Kay tried a new technique over a small xc fence at home four days earlier and came off second best. Kay spent the Albury Horse Trials in the hospital, conning results about the competition from anyone she could think of! Out of action for min 6 weeks. With everything else happening Tania did a fantastic job.

Candyman 5th Prelim
Yorkshire 11th 2*
Yabba Dabba Doo 10th Prelim

Yorkshire gets CIC qualifier for Sydney:)


Camden Show

Although we were not there, the stud was represented by Jirrima Cruise Control and rider, Belinda, who sent the following report.
So many ribbons!!! Cruise won the District Novice hack class and then was placed in every other class that he went into. Today in warmblood classes – Cruise was excellent in the ridden class which he won. Then Cruise had to go up against all the other ridden warmbloods and he was CHAMPION!!! Won $20 with the nice sash. We then waited around for Hunter Hack classes and he placed in everything he went in – kept coming 3rd to the same horses. Judge was very impressed and told me that he had the best flying change of the day and also had a beautiful gallop!!
Jirrima Cruise Control is also doing well in Prelim dressage, if not placing he is in the top end of the class so proving to be very versatile.

Waiting to strut his stuff Strutting his stuff!! Champion Ridden Warmblood




It seems this summer has been allocated to getting young horses going. Peta sent these pics of her Belcam Coalac filly just gong under saddle. Hannah giving CoCo her third ride. Great job girls!

CoCo and Hannah


Update NSW State Championships

Latest video footage from Lynton Horse Trials. Snow on the course on Friday. Slush Saturday and perfect sunshine Sunday. Trucks were towed in on the Friday and towed out again on Sunday.

Thursday saw snow

The tractor never stopped towing trucks

The jumps looked fantastic once the snow had melted







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