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How it all began...


The Stud originated in 1976 on the original Jirrima property, 4,500 acres, situated on the northern end and foothills of the Yambla Range, which runs parallel to the Olympic Way at Gerogery. All this area was home to the bushranger Dan Morgan, who had his caves and lookouts scattered over a large area. Not a very savoury character. The Stud has since moved to 'Wishbone Flats' in the Walla Walla area and still in Morgan country but now near the lookout and not the cave. Jirrima means 'mountain or hill' in aboriginal. We can get very touristy here!!

The first foal was Jirrima Banshee(pic Above), (Firecrest x Dorcas, TB x pony cross) a top Derivative pony who retired from Pony Club at the age of 25 years. The grey, Purebred stallion, Knave (Konrad x Anato) arrived and he was used as a saddle horse in a variety of sports leaving behind a couple of derivatives in the stud. The lovely chestnut stallion, Arundel House Zermat surpassed all expectations as far as an arabian saddle horse, turning his hoof to all disciplines successfully.


Over the years the stud has bred derivatives to purebreds and back to derivatives progressing to Warmbloods and sporthorses, where it continues to strive for improvement and breed what suits us. Progeny continued to get bigger with the introduction of Warmblood breeding using Monokol, HP Lonzo (Lander), and Jet Set D (frozen semen).

The stud now breeds performance horses for dressage, eventing and showjumping, with the arabian influnence becoming less as the stud develops. The Stallions, Arundel House Zermat (Purebred(dec)), Jirrima Unbelievable (Anglo), and Jirrima Vintage Jet (Warmblood) all produce qualities of temperament, tractability and movement. HP Lonzo (Lander x Monopet) was leased till 2007. He was brought into the stud for his fantastic temperment. A couple of HP Lonzo's colts have been retained in the stud plus most of the fillies. The latest outside addition is a stunning black Warmblood stallion, Belcam Coalac, bought for his movement, temperment and tractability.

Youngstock are available, however, the stud works towards producing competition horses and thus often starts them at their first competition, ensuring that the horse that you are purchasing has already been exposed to various environments. These 3 and 4 yr olds never hang around and are very rarely advertised. Often being snapped up by interested onlookers.

The Stud is managed by Kay and Tania Harding. Visitors most welcome but please call before arriving.

Happy horse riding!

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