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Jirrima Performance Horses

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14th September, 2014
Dressag e,eventing an d showjumping

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The Super Moon at Morgan's Lookout
Next one in 800 years

10th August 2014

Dual purpose competition Horses

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NSW Championships Lynton
Jindera Dressage Championships
Local Shows
Avenel HTCamden HT

Jirrima Yorkshire 11th Melb 3DE CCI 2*
WS Bust a Move 3rd Equestriad PN
Jirrima Cricket PN Avenal HT
Jirrima Yorkshire 2nd 2* Avenal HT

Bust a Move 4th Wallaby Hill
Jirrima Yorkshire Sydney 3DE CCI2*

Kay & Tania Harding
"Wishbone Flats"
WALLA WALLA. via Albury
PH (02) 6029 2241

Email: kth@activ8.net.au
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